September 18, 2009

Meet Andre, 8D

if you dont know why thats his name,
ask Dirt Nasty !
this is my baby,
ive waited soo long,
&& we've already had some great times.
i love him, && i will ride him as often as i can.
love you DreDre, 8D
our first ride together, 8D

i like to sit on sidewalks,
&& watch people smoke.

your feet look little in those boots.
thanks, their too small, 8D

September 14, 2009

SSMF 2009 !

SSMF 2009 was CRAZY !
im soo glad i got to go.
jess && i set out early,
as usual.

we got there bright && early.
here are some pics of Fishbone, KMK, Shiny Toy Guns, Shwayze && LMFAO performing.

dancing onstage at the Roxy with Beardo, Dirt Nasty && Andre Legacy was the best part !

suchaaa great experience.

September 7, 2009


i sooo ended my summer the right way,
i mean its not really OVER per say, lol.
because ive been living the "summerLife"
since summer 08.
if you only knew..
a bunch of us "WildCats"
headed to Huntington Beach yesterday.
we stayed from like 10am-10-pm.
it was soo nice !
this is how it i looked when we got there:

&& this is what i looked like when we left:

here are some random pics of the day,
charma, the boys, chilling, && acting up:

i love spending time with good people, 8D


September 6, 2009

snowball of JOY <3

Happy Bday you Beautiful WhiteChocolate God, lol.
Cisco Adler is one of the Most Talented people i know.
ive been lucky enough to be in the presence of greatness, 8D
mmm, Ciscoo YOUU.
Bye Because you made me LOVE Panda Express !
good times, good times.
missss you !
have a GREAT birthday !

September 5, 2009

HA, gotcha !

dont get caught on Candid Camera.
haha, Papa Coast was acting up.
had to get him on Candid.
enjoy, 8D

PapaCoast Acting UP ! from Miriha Austin on Vimeo.

September 4, 2009

"I'll sleep at Union"

ahh, this is gonna be amazing.
soo many Great performers,
including my all time Fave
ahhh, im sooo excited.
jessikaa && i will most def be here.
hope to see you there, 8D

whos down ?

because it got shut down.
why ?
check the blog

September 2, 2009

"i dont want you in my passenger seat,
not anyone can be my shotgun,
i dont want you riding next to me.
i ride alone.

i only got one love, one heart, one mind, one drug, turn it up.

i dont want you in my passenger seat,
not anyone can be my shotgun,
i dont want you riding next to me.
i ride alone.
i ride alone.
i ride alone."

September 1, 2009

candid camera

dont get caught on candid camera kids.

LowBudget, But I Love It !

Jess, is that Cody ?
this video is soo low budget.
they sure did a step up with the real one,
after they got signed.
i love these doodes muchoo.
Lunch at Panda again soon, 8D