August 31, 2009

his music is beautful.
my dad && i used to roll to his old jams.
all through middle school.
Remy Shand && Jill Scott.
Good Times.
my dad introduces me to some good music.


August 29, 2009

August 28, 2009

here it is d.

&& again,
i asked "what should i blog about?"
&& the answer i received was "what sex means to you"
here it is:
to me, sex is an experience shared between two people.
in my eyes, these two people should share a bond, a strong bond.
i dont agree in having frivolous sex.
its unsafe, && it ruins the experience altogether.
im not saying that you need to be married or in a monogamous relationship with your partner,
what i am saying is you need a connection that is on a deeper level than basic physical attraction.
its deeper than that, && that is why i feel comfortable speaking about it here on my blog site.
my experiences with sex are wonderful.
i have had one partner && the connection i have with that person is amazing.
physically, emotionally, && mentally.
i wont go into detail, because that aspect is personal,
but from what i hear the experience is much better when you have an emotional connection as well as physical.
when it comes down to it,
to answer the question asked to me,
sex is a reward shared between two people when they reach a certain level of connection and comfortability with one another.
sex is 10% physical attraction && 90% emotional/metal.


you asked for it.

i asked, " what should i blog about ?"
an answer i received from Brandon Swan was "me"
soo here you go:

Brandon Swan,
idk how well i know you.
your a cousin of a friend of mine.
i think thats how i met you, not sure.
were cool, were not tight,
BUT... we are like two steps from being close friends.
keep in mind, i didnt say we are "close friends"...
because we're not.
nothing in our relationship as friends,
has made us 'that'.
your a cool doode, but chill.
you get me ?
i have love for you !
thats it, thats all.
there you go BrandonSwan.


Let It Beat

no words.
just watch.


Dan Tague Money Prints.
ive been seeing these a lot lately.
very deep.


Take My Clothes Off !

i love tanks, dont you ?
they work for Summer && Fall && Spring !
they are soo cute && comfy.
if i could wear tanks or tshirts every day,
guess what i would do ?
i would wear them
&& for the MostPart, i do !
DMPC X NineLives
collabo tee's.

check out:
for the link to the complete collection.



these babies are gorgeous
dontcha just wanna take a bite ?
they look sooo juicyy.

The Hundreds Fall2009 Footwear.


&& thats it...

Rest In Paradise to you.
your Legacy lives on.
Great Person && Great DJ.


August 25, 2009

August 10, 2009

- "Remember friendships like mine last forever,
I'm not going anywhere,

- "Is that a promise ?
I love you,
We'll talk about it tomorrow,

August 8, 2009


i spend a lot of time in my room.
its a safe place.
i like to be alone a lot of the time.
&& this is where i can do that.
my room now is a lot different from how it was 6 months ago.
my bed was Really high up,
that "desk" wasnt in there,
&& everything was ina different place.
i came home one day,
&& my mom had thrown away my other bed,
(which i loved)
&& rearanged everything.
ive gotten used to this,
i guess.
i must have, i spend a lot of time here.
&& notebooks.
im Content.
myBulletinBoard keeps me on track.
all those little PostIt notes,
are VERY serious.
the hard part is remembering to check my board.
but its been getting easier.
between this board && my schedule,
im goood, 8D

i <3 MyRoom.


August 7, 2009

&& i can only hope,
i didnt lose a friend...

better in Time <3

its ME !
enjoy, 8D


Mirror Image.

the fire in those eyes,
is unmistakenly fierce.
stare straight on,
through your heart they will pierce.
behind the lid, pupil, && iris,
back into the depths of that mind,
is a fire you cannot miss.
the fire in those eyes,
it burns so strong,
i see a fight for life,
an eager pain to hold on.
to live, succeed && breathe hope
is what is staring me in the face,
i recognize it,
but its something i cannot give an exact place.
through the gaze,
i can feel the pain those eyes have endured,
my gaze will not give up or fade,
my mind was lured.
through those eyes i feel that heart beat,
but a beat does not mean life,
in this case,
i feel defeat.
but that was long ago,
i imagine things have changed,
for now as i stare,
these eyes have a shine,
i am in looking into a mirror,
&& those eyes are mine.
i still feel that heart beat,
but Now i know,
it IS life, && NOT defeat.


&& they areBack !

man oh man did i miss you guys.
myBeloved Loves.
you soo comforted me with your memories.
man oh man did i miss you guys.
some of you are still absent,
but shall soon return.
you are ALL special to me,
&& im glad you are back !


you all mean something to me,
you are all very close to my heart,
im glad yourHome, 8D
dont ever leave me again !


August 6, 2009

OogaBooga ?

supp foo ?
me ?
oooh nada ese.
went to see BrentonWood today in Kimmy's hood,

hes the tiny GREEN dot by theSpeaker ?
see him ?
nah prolly not,
but we saw him,

i wish you guys could spot out who i am spotting ?
you see the plaid ?
next to the dark blue ?
right in the center ?
prolly not,
but thats a DreadHead
&& he was shaking it up !
he was a HOT mess tho, lol.

sooo much to say about this.
but you wouldn't even understand.

KingTaco && CheeseItz kept me alive.
had aGreat day, 8D



hey there ChikaDee's.
ive been gone for quite some time.
ive been getting organized.
im hoping to get a job within the next couple of weeks.
i have a couple interviews lined up.
i start school on August 24th.
i have my permit,
L's should be here soon,
(gotta clear a ticket, then their ALL mine)
&& to help me keep track of everything,
i made myself a calender/schedule, 8D
im always over scheduling things,
&& can never remember what or when i promise to do things with && for people.
but now ill remember with my schedule.
as soon as i schedule something NOW,
i just write it down,
ill let ya know how things go,
toodles, 8D