December 9, 2009

this is ALL i want

seriously, this is ALL i want for christmas,
i didnt even want anything, then i saw this.
honestly though, i NEED this.
i need a camera case && a laptop sleeve.
gahhh, i hope i get this bag sooon, 8]

December 6, 2009


another example of some of my work.
i prefer to catch photo's in a natural setting,
rather than a studio.

talk business.

hey everyone,
sorry ive been soo MIA from my blog,
just been really busy with school,
&& trying to get a job,
&& setting my goals,
im trying to get some photoshoots going.
im doing the next 5-10 shoots for free,
contact me if you need one.
we can set up places, times, && future shoots.
lets talk business, 8]