June 30, 2009

Top THAT !

i friggin LOVE this Movie !
" Teen Witch "
its a StraightClassic !
&& this is one of my favorite scenes.
they thugged it out,
&& i love how tight the boys clothes are, lmaoo.
it doesnt hurt that Ret is Hottie !
iknow i did, 8D


Were not afraid ofRappers...

soo i was introduced to these guys' Blog by my friend Jessika,
thats her blog link up there, 8D
but these guys are pretty interesting.
they are very opinionated about the HipHop && Rap culture,
&& about a lot of people in theMedia's spotlight in general.
they make some good points.
check their blog:

heres a videoBlog they did,
about the Perez Hilton situation.
enjoy !

The E.N.D. of Days from jeff on Vimeo.


June 28, 2009

im confused ?

see ive heard of Elektrik Red,
but never actually the music behind the name,
&& i came across this video,
which is actually pretty cool,
the color splash on the white,
ive always lovde that,
paint splatter ?
...is soo cool to me.
back to the point !
even after watching this video,
idk who Elektrik red consists of.
everyone in this video is a video vixen,
seriously !
even the main LightSkinned girl,
who looks like the Lead Singer,
Elektrik Red entirely ?
not sure.
she was in a BUNCH of vidsss tho.
these are like the TOP vixens here.
does anyone know ?
help me out here people !


Lazy Days

straight LazyDaysss man !
(btw, i love that song, 8D)
today has been sooo Boring,
i wish i had some mula in my wallet,
i would MostDef. Not be here !
my mother owes me $240 && i am determined to get it before next week is over !
ahhh, being in this TINY house,
is not fun,
my parents are gone,
&& i have some entertainment, 8D

well bye for now,
i dont have anything interesting to tell you guys,
lmaoo, im lying,
im not sorry !


GoodBye Little Chocolate People !

this show is gonna be Hilarious,
if you liked Family Guy,
then you'll like this show.
Cleveland was already one of the funniest characters on the show,
so this is right up my alley, 8D
keep a look out !


June 27, 2009

ThrowBack !

This used to be myJam !
iknow yall remember this !
yall know these girls were signed to BadBoy ?
Diddy made appearances in their videos && all that, lol.
i swear these girls,
especially in this video,
are the White Destiny's Child.
this video doesnt remind you guys of the "Say My Name" video ?


Close But Not Quite...

this group is something like GCH,
pretty diverse,
i love groups that have a Lead Rapper,
&& Mix it with Rock.
thatsTightttt, 8D

Close But Not Quite has some jams,
you should most def check them out,
&& they have a pretty Large fanBase,
soo im sure you've heard of them,
just giving them aShoutyy !

their having another show at Chain Reaction,
on July.9th
other performances will be by:
The Divine <3
BIg City Kids
Teen Hearts
&& BoomBox Ninjas.

im Stoked about this show,
tickets are only $10
i think ill be there, 8D
its gonna be a RAGERRR !


Local Celebs;

&& im NOT talking about TayF3rd,
that hot mess.
im talking about some REAL music,
in my opinion, 8D

show some love:


Happy Coast Day Yung Thurd !

happyCday BabyBrooo, ily !
your 18 now, Live it Up,
Be Safeeee !

(had to thugg it out for my BabyBro)


June 26, 2009


leave comments on the posts,
&& tell me what you think,
im always wondering what thoughts are behind all the views my blog gets.
i mean,
im hardly talking about anything important,
to you guys anyway.
soo id like to know why you guys look at my blog,
lemme know !


" Tell Me Lies "

hes been spittin' since Degrassi
[WheelChair Jimmy]
the girl in the background,
isAshley, from the show.
she was supposed to be in the song,
but in the Epi,
they mixed her out,
then drama started,
blah blah blah,
the point of this post...
is that Degrassi Fans,
saw it first,
forSURE !


2 Halfs of My Heart <3

JAM[master]JONES && Snoopyy !
i wont even get mushyy with this,
just giving a MAJOR shoutout,
to my HEART !
these 2 make it up,
you know how you have those select few who you manage to stay close with,
even though you rarely get to be in their presence ?
well these 2 Most Definitely take the cake for that one.
they are ALWAYS there for me,
they know my secrets,
my fears,
my likes/dislikes,
its strange how we met,
&& how me became close,
but i wouldnt change it for the WORLD !
i <3 myYGeeeeZ



im glad you're here.
thank you for coming soo suddenly.
ive been waiting for you.
Summer'08 was one of the best,
&& i hope you're even better.
i met some great people the last time around,
soo now its time to live it up with them.

please dont bring any hurt, or pain.
i just want sunsine,Waves, && Sushi, 8D
Im 18 this year,
&& im excited about it,
let me enjoy myself,
ill be grateful,
&& Summer'09...

ill do you right,
iPromise !



these doodes are talented,
nice voices,
take a peek.

got this video from:

hotties ForSure, 8D


June 25, 2009

StraightHood !

told yall foo's i was from the HOOD, lol.
isnt this just embarrassing ?
i think so !
(this is an actual billboard)

these were up on every freeway entering the city.
thats just Ghetto !
it wasnt THAT bad,
was it ?
i guess some people thought it was.
its better now,
i think,


June 24, 2009


remember that little boy who was singing to Esmee Denters ?
well hes doing it big right now.
working with Usher ?
i guess soo because he makes an appearance in this video.
even though this kid,
(Justin Bieber)
used a slight autotune,
his vocals are 100% clean,
he has such a nice voice,
in MY opinion,
which is all that matters here anyhow right ?

heres the video,



this explains it all,



i got my nose pierced today,
very spur of the moment.
Jess && I were walking down the street,
in Highland Park
&& on the corner of Figueroa && 57th st.
there was a clothing store that had a onesie i wanted,
&& Jess noticed that they did piercings,
soo i got my nose pierced !
can you see it ?
i cant wait until i can change the ring.


Surpriseeee !

soo my bestfriend APH surprised me with a bday dinner at my fave sushi spot, Ichima.
&& all of my friends were there.

they did the whole nine yards,
they blindfolded me from my room all the way to the restaurant.
it was really fun,
&& APH writes me a poem every year for my bday,
&& this year he read it to me,
&& we got it on tape, 8D

i have great friends,
&& i wouldnt trade them for the world,
this was one of the BEST bdays,
thanks you guys <3>

June 22, 2009

Fashabioo Jashabioo !

soo on Saturday,
June 20th, 2009
Dri, T.Zee, && myself,
met up in Hollywood && went on a mish.
we didnt make any exact plans for the day,
except to MISH,
exactly that,
&& we did.
we went to visit Jashabio,
aka: Fabio, Jason, && Bio.
he lives in La Dera, CA.
soo we mished there,
had a grand old time,
&& laughed tremedously,
here are some pics fo' ya:

we most def enjoyed ourselves,
&& ran into some weird people,
cause ya'll know,
we're normal, 8D
enjoy the pics,
cause enjoyed our MISH !


June 21, 2009

im 18 Foo !

its my 18th Birthday, yay !
&& even though im not partying my life away,
im gonna enjoy myself,
&& surround myself with people that i love.

i woke up to these Beautiful faces today:

i think were gonna head to Ichima for some Lunch ?
then we'll see from there,
i love my friends, 8D

&& thanks to everyone who showed that Young Birthday love, <3


June 20, 2009

tomorrow is...

My 18th Bday !
yay for me !



where are my shoes ?!

soo tonight was fun,
hung out with all my MHS cats,
mostly class of 09,
plus some others,
lots of lovelyArmenians, 8D
we were hanging at Ari's,
plenty of Food && Music,
&& LOTS of...
couple tables of Beer'Pong set up,
which helped me realize,
that iSUCK at that game.
i had to take WAY to many shots,
but Afton helped me through,
Thats my BeerPongPartner,
&& when we left Ari's we were gonna head to another party,
in Arcadia,
but couldnt find the street,
but luckily though,
because on the way i realized that i left my shoes at Ari's house,
idk how, but i did,
&& itd be weird showing up at a party barefoot !

all in all,
it was a good night,
&& i loved the people that surrounded me !


June 18, 2009


oscar && miriha,
are going to the LA Sneaker Convention,
(his words)
but im down, 8D



this is a pic of Travis McCoy,
&& some kids from Cape town, South Africa.
(i think)
i just thought that this was an adorable picture,
with the little boy sticking his finger through his gauges.
Travie loves theKIDS.

i didnt even swear YO !

idk why i didnt post this before, lol.
this is REALLY funny,
i like Taylor Swift,
but this...

first lemme say,
this is NOT how ALL rappers are,
maybe T.Pain,
but not ALL of them.

this is just a funny video,
wonder if she'll continue rapping ?

" in my extra small WhiteTee "


sounds like fun ?

" Los Angeles Sneaker Convention "
sounds like fun right ?
soo get it here foo !


thats too cute, 8D

if you dont know who Esmee Denters is,
look her up on youtube,
she can sing soo well,
&& she got discovered on youtube,
like soo many others,
&& she works closely with Justin Timberlake,
this video is of some kid named Justin,
&& he can alsoo sing pretty well.
hes gonna be amazing when that voice matures.
in this video he is singing to Esmee, 8D
check it out.


Happy Graduation to ME !

i graduated the other day right ?
&& not everyone i wanted to be there could make it,
some had better excuses than others, lol.
my bestfriends,
(the ones that werent graduating)
Jess, Tazz, && Jake,
made it.
&& i <3 them

me && taz.
me && jake.
the beautiful flowers jess bought me, 8D


LakerParade !

ookay soo yesterday,
Maryum, Jess, && I went to the LakerParade.
this is an odd group for this event because:
Maryum= Laker Hater
I= IDGAF about the NBA period
Jess= 100% Die Hard Laker fan !

it was sooo live !
we walked from the Staple Center to the Coliseum,
it was over 2 miles !

here are some pics:
i knew i'd be walking,
soo i wore tenni's,
something i hardly ever do.
myFave picture of the day,
straightCaliCats !
Fisher Love,
walking to the Coliseum.
this doode was filming us,
were gonna be all over youtube, lol.

the view from where we sat in the coliseum,
CRAZY right ?
Kobe Love,
in my opinion he gets too much,
i hate when people forget about the rest of the team.
its not called the Los Angeles Kobes
(&& im not saying hes not good)
only inLA,
homemade ring, 8D
not needed if you ask me,
it was a pretty peaceful parade.
but i liked it.
didnt notice this pic until i was uploading them.
Covered in Lakers ish,
straight PRIDE,
thats tight.
walking in the middle of the street,
on Hoover && MLK ?
some where around there, lol.
on our way back,
tight right ?


June 16, 2009

Tecktonik !

this dance isCrazyyy !
it might look really easy,
but i tried && i almost threw my arm out of socket, Seriously !
the second girl in this video was tearing it up, lol.
really tho, she's good !
i need to learn !


June 14, 2009

lmaoo !

im not even gonna go into detail about these videos.
all im gonna say is...
he shouted outVIXEN ?!
ahh, shoot,
enjoy, 8D



June 10, 2009

come on LA !

this is a cool company, to me;
they love LA, soo do i, 8D
its called:
" Pride "
they are involved in almost every aspect of art in LA.
they love LA && all the culture in it.
you should check them out.
here are a few pics from their clothing line.

i put the company website above,
check out the blogs,
this guy posts some interesting events,
YOU might be interested in.

enjoy, 8D


theif !

soo i stole this from "Sarah FoSho",
(if your from monrovia, you know who that is) lol.
this was just Really'Cool to me.
this must have taken a LONG time,
&& a LOT of effort !

enjoy, 8D


&& i wont look back !

yesterday was checkout day.
the end of my highschool career.
graduation might not be until the 16th,
but i am still DONE.
it wasnt sad to me,
i just got my ish && got out, lol.
people were crying,
but i dont see why,
you'll see these people time && time again.
nobody ever REALLY never comes back.
but if your that person that doesnt come back,
kudos to you, your tight.

i dont have pics from this day,
a lot of seniors were taping && flashing cam's
wasnt a memorable day to me.
im just glad its OVER !

i <3 Ms.Hirsch
NOT Ms.Jones !


June 7, 2009

Get it STRAIGHT playa;

soo i hear that Drake,
is suing the company:
" Canadian Money Entertainment "
(lol, thats just funny to me)
the name, not the suing.
i hear hes filing this lawsuit because of an unauthorized realease of an album called,
" Girls Love Drake "
which included songs from Drakes Mixtape,
" So Far Gone "&& other tracks.
this unauthorized album was released by the IODA
on itunes, Rhapsody, && Amazon.
i think Drake is more pissed at the fact he can turn around && be sued for this release,
than the release itself.
he can be sued because he has not gotten the samples used for that mixtape legally cleared.
all bad right ?
he shoulda most def. handled business,
hes smart enough to know,
'music leaks'
especially good music !
good luck with all that Drake, 8D


Graduation Gift ?

i swear to the Man Above,
this is what i Want && Need in life.
i gotta Bday && Graduation coming up this month.
hint hint,
pitch in folks, lol.
i seriously love this camera !
its not even THAT much,
$450 tops !
please ?
it has all the basic features +more that [i] need.
this would benefit me soo much.
i hope i get it soon,
without or without your help,


im sick;

&& it sucks.
i hate being sick,
its one of the worst feelings ever !
i thought i had strep throat,
but i dont,
i just have an average
[throat infection]
see ?

btw i hate the above face,
but it seriously fits this situation.
but anywhoo...
tissue:&& Lysol Healthy Touch:are keeping me semi-sane.
wish me good health.