July 21, 2009

Im Sooo Not a Poet.

laugh at me, im used to it.

criticize my ways, its nothing new.
but hesitating to bite my style ?
ha, few of you do.
because i was weak in 6th grade,
you think you can still call me names,
guess what ? things have changed,
&& stepped up is what i did with my game.
pass me in the streets && smile,
then turn around && slam me in those books,
you wish i would,
but i wont stoop down low enough,
to waste my time with dirty looks.
you constantly try to drag me down,
but you are the only one at the bottom,
all alone, with a frown.
while i continue on my way to the top,
even with a fake smile, i will not stop.
one day it shall be real,
no ones happiness will i have to steal,
it shall be mine, mine all mine.
&& yes we can make it a deal.


July 20, 2009

Poke It !

soo im not aHuge fan of KidCudi,
but i DO like this song,
&& i DO love Common <3
i also really like this video.
i think because its soo Basic,
but not TheBasic,
you know what i mean ?
probably not.
this is what i mean.
its a very simple video,
NO Flashy jewels or cars, && all that crap.,
no HalfNaked hoochies running around...
which is the Basic 'rap video.
but this one was simple.
i didnt really see a theme or anything,
which i oddly liked.
i think because it let you focus on the song, && not the videoo.
likeeee... the first time your watching it, your studying the video,
then everytime after that, your just enjoying the music.
at least thats what i did.
enjoy, 8D


July 17, 2009

BigMac ApplePie !

Pharrel WHAT are you doing ?


La Di Da

Randomlyy scheduled a performance,
a short one,
15 minute set,
in LakeWood,
at "Its a Grind",
during their open mic night.
on July 30th, 2009
you should check it out, 8D
some friends && i went tonight,
&& there were some cool artists.
it was a really warm && mellow spot.
everyone was really nice, && welcoming.
stop by, 8D


July 16, 2009

if i was your woman.

this was soo random.
but its here.
tell me what you think.
cause i have no musical ear, lol.
soo idk how it sounds.
enjoy, 8D


July 12, 2009

pick one !

please !

you fight with me,
argue with me,
act like you hate me,
blame me for everything !

&& now you wake me up with a homecooked breakfast ?
whats your deal ?
please just pick one !

i cant deal with the mood changes.


July 11, 2009

no !

this has to be fake,
thats all im saying.
Nobody can be that bad !


your just....

your pathetic,
i dont know how long you've been this way,
but it sure has been awhile.
i dont even think i have respect for you anymore,
i dont know if i ever did to be honest.
yeah, we have some good times,
we laugh, you give me gifts, we chat.
but we Never 'talk'.
we never listen, YOU never listen,
&& in turn i have learned to tune you out.
your voice is a sound that doesnt agree with my mind.
it doesnt even make it far enough to go in one ear && out the other,
the sound of your voice,
no matter the content of the statement,
hits the surface && instantly irritates me.
i apologize, because the relationship between us should be much better.
but its not my fault.
im not sure if its your either,
but i dont see it getting any better.
things were better when you werent around.
its sad, but its the way it is.
your ignorant, i cant deal with you.
physically your an adult,
but coming from an 18 year old,
you have a lot of growing up to do.
your supposed to set a good example right ?
well where is it ? because ive never received it.
guess what ? its too late now,
i am who i am, with or without you,
but better off without you.


July 10, 2009

Crazyyy !

soo yesterday,
T.Zee, Ari, Alex, && I...
headed to Chain Reaction,
in Anaheim for a show.
we went to see CBNQ && The Devine
but we ended up liking Big City Kids performance a lot also !
the wholeee show was Crazyy,
pretty pumped atmo.
The Devine was SICKKK !
mmm, straight Hotties,
thats all im sayin, 8D
mmm, Jason <3
we met some Really cool people,
im so down for another show.
oooh !
here are some CBNQ pics:


July 9, 2009

sooon <3

ill have this baby soon, 8D
cant wait,
StraightCruisin' !

what will i name him ?
we'll see what feels like !
cant wait to throw a basket on this baby !
wooooah !

(btw this is my 100th post)


July 8, 2009

it KILLS me !

it kills me how immature people can be.
likee just in general.
i have been experiencing soo much immaturity.
i am newly 18 years old,
&& havent fully matured,
lately ive encountered several situations where people older than myself,
need to do some growing up.
they need self evaluations,
if you are over the age of 16 you should know how to have a friendly disagreement.
you should be able to talk out your simple differences.
maybe its just me, && my laidback personality,
that i dont get offensive when people tell me they dont agree with something that i have said or done.
i dont ALWAYS need to be right.
i always have room for mistakes,
but i wont be able to grow up, if i cant learn to fix them.
i will be stuck where i am,
with no room to change.
&& recently i have witnessed incidents where people,
older than myself,
have not given themselves the space to change.
they are stuck in their immature ways.
they have been in plenty of situations,
&& have had plenty of experience with difficulty,
where they have had room, time && initiative to grow,
but they have not taken the opportunity.
you will go no where in life if you cannot grow up.
if you cannot take constructive criticism at any age from 16 && up,
you have some learning to do,
its not healthy,
&& its time to change.
the worst part of it all,
most of these people think they are soo mature,
that they have already learned,
i am so sorry,
&& i hope the best for these people.


July 6, 2009

StraightCruisin !

soo yesterday Jess, MyMom && i went to Venice,
Early in the AM.
which was a good idea.
it was just really Chill.
Jess && i Rode BeachCruisers,
while myMommy tanned on the sand, 8D
on the way back,
on the bikes,
MMM, nvm.
it was fun,
pics ?


July 3, 2009

Well its notSweet, but itsShort, GoodDay !

hes a mess,

" they Suck! "


July 1, 2009

its yo bday sooo....

let me not go into detail with this.
its alsoo my Brother Matts bday.
this is his first bday away from home.
&& i def miss him,
but the video chat with him && his thirsty friends keeps us on point, lol,
anywhoo hes 21 today,
&& thats crazyyy to me.
we're both Grown now.
have a good one Mateo Be safe !


baby sis <3

all GrownUp...NOT !

Happy Bday Little Broooo !
iloveee yu.
i really Dont know how old you are,
cause your always lying to theHoochies,
iknow your under 10,
enjoy it !
Your Bigg Sis !