October 30, 2009

October 29, 2009


hey everyone.
im really surprised that soo many people read my blog,
thats really cool, 8]
its exciting that so many people,
are interested in what i have to say about things.
anywho, i hope all of you guys enjoy the new layout.
the old one was too spread out for me.
it sucks that i cant change the font color,
for my profile section,
[down there on the bottom right]
if anyone knows how, comment to let me know please ?
thanks, its greatly appreciated 8]

October 28, 2009


... is the reason i have been neglecting my blogspot. i love my new camera.
im still getting used to her [yes, her], but i will get the hang of it soon. she has all or most of the features i am looking for in a Digital SLR. she is amazing. i havent named her yet, but i am sure that my Nikon D3000 is a girl. mmm, wanna do a photoshoot ? im down, you can help me with my skillssss, 8]


October 23, 2009

good luck ?

or just in the right place at the right time ?
who knows, but whatever it was,
it was really nicee to have happen.
jess && i were on the train,
heading to longbeach.
ugh (dont ask)
on the way, jess asked
"omg, you did bring your camera right ?"
&& i was like
" (mouth open)"
&& then jess was like
"seriously miriha ? yeah right"
&& im like
"no seriously, i left it at home"
&& by that time it was too late,
&& we were too far to turn back.
&& then guess what happened ?!
the guy sitting a couple seats away was like,
"its your luck day..."
(pulls an old Canon Sure shot film camera out of his pocket)
"...some guy just sold this to me, here you go"
&& he freaking gave it to us !
isnt that crazy, its old but its such a nice camera.
Jess && i are gonna have soooo much fun with it.
we're gonna buy film in the next week or so,
when we have some time,
&& we're gonna go crazy.
&& since im in desperate need of a new camera,
i will be getting my new Nikon D60 or D3000 in the next 2 days, 8]
heres the camera that the guy gave us !

huh ? huh ?!

&& this will NEVER get old;

boom boomPOW !

i always steal funny vids from skeets blog [eatskeet.com]
&& this is one of the funniest.
please watch it from beginning to END.
you will not be disappointed.
i promise you.
&& if you are, then come by my house,
ill give you a box of crumb donuts for your wasted time.
but i doubt ill have to do that, 8]
enjoy humanssss !

October 21, 2009

please dont forget me;

October 18, 2009


this has been me.
enjoy it, <3


October 16, 2009

Marry Me ?

...or jessika,
if one of us gets it,
we both get it !
nahh mean ?
i dont even know what i mean !
anywhoo, haha.
Rony [Rony's PhotoBooth] filmed this video,

that i stole [via EatSkeet.com]
of Dj Skeet Skeet while on "TOUR" doing some gigs.
Skeets amazing, he LOVES the music.
i missss him muchooo.
hes gonna come play in my backyard when he gets back to'KillaCali, 8]
lol, enjoy zahhh video !


October 15, 2009

"it was all a dream..."

gahh this is my ishhhh.
fell in love with this JAM the first time i heard.
honestly shwayzzz showed his skills in this song, idc !
Chris Young, Cisco Adler && Shwayze all did their thing,
i wish the sample would have gotten cleared && made it on "Let It Beat"
(in stores NOVEMBER 3RD !)
this song is dopeeeeee.

"uhh, check my persona, imma be the next chris to hit rihanna" -Chris Young

gahhh this song GOESSS,
&& i have never said that phrase in my life,
but this jam deserved is !

dont forget to get the album && support thesse guys !


October 11, 2009

Let Ya'Self Gooo.

gahh, this is my fave Spank Rock interview.
his voice at the end,
when he does "competition"
it sounds sooo nice acapella <3

October 8, 2009

thank you.

wow, this video, this boy, this african american person.
he speaks the truth on a lot of subjects.
there are things i agree with, && there are things i dont.
the word "nigga" isnt that big a deal to me anymore.
but the word NIGGER is.
i guess they both should because they are one in the same.
but the context of the word means everything to me.
i guess it is a double standard in a sense.
but i do agree with what this young man is saying,
about the african american people in a whole.
we should not be looked down upon,
we are doing great things,
&& it is just sad that an entire group of people are judged solely on race.
any race, not just black.
i dont think i will ever understand this concept.
one thing i dont like about this video, was that it was set in church.
all black people arent christians, all black people dont go to church,
&& not all black people should have to.
thats not what this video was stating,
but it was more of a political view than a religious one,
in my opinion.
what do you think ?

video via www.eatskeet.com

Time To GetLow, Do The TootsieRoll

"Pop The Glock" -Uffie
"yeah you talk shit, think i care ?"
yeaaah bayyyybee !
loveee it.
2 fave Cameosss= Sky Ferreira && Steve Aoki <3

"i call you sun, 'Cause you SHYNE like one"

&& hes back,
after all those years.
releasing hits && videos from jail.
SHYNE muhFuggggas !
bring it bring it BACK !

October 7, 2009

growing up;

hitting the books.
yess i am.
being productive everyday is a must.
i need to get somewhere.
i dont wanna be like her.
wish me luck please.
thank you <3


my day is off to a very productive start.
i have an exam later today in my Music class.
wish me luck, 8D
aph came by the other day to help me study,
soo hopefully ill do well.
ill be happy with a C.
here my face fooo's !

well see ya guys lataaaa'
loveee you <3


October 6, 2009


is the time i am supposed to be in my beloved English class.
Professor Pedroja always dismisses us before 6:30pm
i love her, she is an excellent instructor.
request her, you wont be sorry.
anywhoo, im home from class.
lots of homework to do for AL of my classes,
&& Mid-Terms are around the corner,
just wanted to drop by && say hello.
kBye <3


meet my baby bro's

soo when jess && i were mishing last weekend,
we were biking in MacArthur Park,
&& decided to stop by Lafayette Skate Park.
we met Zay'Quan && Junior.
thats them on the ends,
with the red shirts on.
they are 1o && 11
junior is 11 && hes already a sponsored skater,
they are both soooo good !
we were watching them && cheering them on this weekend,
&& we will be for the weekends that come, 8D
we buy them lunch, lol.
but we're gonna start making em lunch cause we're ina recession, haha.
&& all they sell over there are Bacon'Wrapped hot dogs, && mexican corn anyway.
thats Zay'Quan && i.
isnt he a cutie ?
yess i know, hes adorable.
see ya next weekend ZayZay.
im sure there will be more photoes of junior next week.
hes always busy skating.


October 4, 2009


another bike mish.
2 day excursion forSure.
it was GREAT.
no pics for this post,
cause my body's tired && i dont wanna sit for that long.
but, tomorrow [most likely] ill have em up.
you can meet my baby bro's, Zayquan && Junior.
10 && 11 year old sponsored skaters.
loveee you.
see ya tomorrow <3

i love you Andre.

because you made this day possible.
i love my bike.
i dont even wanna car.
okay, maybe a little.
but Andre will get more use.
its late, gotta wake up early to bike again.
but uhhhh...
this is how my night ended.
maybe ill expain tomorrow.
idk that black girl.
she was ShitFaced drunk.
a mess ? yess !
but... i got some laughs.
jess && i were riding our bikes around Arcadia at 10pm && some doodes were standing outside of this house.
we heard music, they stopped uss, said there was a party.
&& we went inside,
saw some people we knew.
got a couple laughs,
&& BOUNCED !!!

kay, see ya tomorrow <3


October 3, 2009


ending the night with Jake && Riss.
was hanging out with Biaggio for a little while,
that was nice.
hadnt seen his face in awhile.
well thats my face.
thats what it looked like today.
that was jess's room,
on jess's bed.
papa took us to eat,
then she had a game.
&& i went home.

BikeMish in the am <3


October 1, 2009


i havent been blogging like i used to, i was really going to stop, but i need a diary, && this is it.
im just gonna update a bit, on whats been going on with me the past couple months.
the jist of my life has been school, finding a job, buying a car, && growing up.
i dont wanna be a woman, that term isnt for me.
but i would still like to grow up. just call me a BIG kid or something.

school has been interesting. im glad i chose mt.sac. yeah i know a lot of people there because of my bro && people who i knew from GHS freshman year, but its a lot less compared to who id see at PCC or Citrus.
im doing well in my classes, they are pretty simple. thanks to APH my music class is getting easier.
people think because i can sing a little bit, i can READ music, but i havent been able to read music since 4th grade. glad im learning again because the guitar is my next victim.
ive been having a BLAST with Andre. if you STILL dont know why thats his name.
we cant be friends, imSorry. its so obvious.
&& if its not obvious, once again, we cant be friends, 8D
but anywhom, like i said, we've been having a blast !
jess && i took our babies out, rode to pasadena.
took the GoldLine, to the RedLine, then rode down Hwood BLVD.
then rode down LaBrea, then down Melrose, then down Fairfax, then back to the RedLine, && to the LBC.
it was sooo much fun.
if you wanna ride, hit me up, im sooo down for a BikeCrew, 8D
i took this pic of jess && the sunset on the BoardWalk (or whatever you call it), in LBC.
we were riding && the sun started going down && knew id get a good shot.
i sooo fell in love with this picture.
i was at the beach a LOT the last 2 months.
i fell asleep twice. && got the Meanest tans.
i was'Sooo brown.
but its starting to peel now, which sucks, i la la love being'Tan.
ooh yeah, && i went ona road trip to Utah with my parents && my bro's GF.
we went to visit my bro at Utah State, && this fool doesnt know where he lives soo it was a mess.
because the streets have weird names like "1400 North"
&& not normal names like Elm st.
BLAH ! but we got there.
&& it was pretty fun.
&& 2 days after we left it started snowing REALLY hard.
i wanna go back when its snowing, thatd be soo fun.
well that was my little update.
be back wheneverrrrr.

-RihBread <3