November 12, 2009

do the math.

i honestly feel like this kid has potential to be an MC.
im probably the only one who thinks so,
but if you REALLY listen to his lyrics,
he's speaking some truth,
even though hes not trying to be serious,
he could be if he wanted to.
from watching his other videos,
i gathered that he's pretty intelligent && arrogant,
which in my opinion are a horrible mix.
but intelligence makes for a great MC,
&& if he worked on his rhythm a bit,
he could seriously spit some heat.
just sayin' 8]


idk what to think,
seriously, im confused.
Gay or Straight ?
Black or Hispanic ?
Serious or Not Serious ?
please answer these questions for me.

WataGataPitusBerry !
[via EatSkeet]


i bet you'll feel good, 8]

Give Me Peace...

...or Give Me DEATH !

West LA;

one of my FAVORITE places on Earth !

November 5, 2009


one jam.


ive seriously been thinking about wearing my natural hair down.
like no straightening, not up in a ponytail, just NATURAL DOWN.
this is what its looking like now,
its pretty unpredictable, which is why i dont do it anymore.
i kinda want it to grow a little longer before i do it.
its grown all the way back from when i cut it into that short bob.
remember how short it was in the back ?!
here's what it looks like:
what'Cha think ?

school shots.

went to school a little'Early today,
&& caught some interesting photos.
here are my favorite shots of the night.
one candid, one posed,
both'GG !

November 4, 2009


idc idc idc.
trey invented it.
he got REALLY personal.
wow Treeeeey !
youu, MMM, nevermind !
watch & learn, 8]

November 3, 2009

my'Heart && Soul

its here baybeee !
&& you know i got it !
bada dat dat dat ! YEAH !
im in la la love,
ALL over again, 8]

November 2, 2009

we miss you

this is a video we did for our friend Maryum aka Jizzle Jenkins.
she headed to college out of state, Youngstown University in Ohio.
&& we miss her like crazy. soo APH wrote this song, && we taped it for her.
love you mary, cant wait to see you December 21st !


is the day the album LET IT BEAT drops.
shwayze && cisco are amazing artists,
&& are sooo underrated ! everyone will eventually see.
ahhh, im sooo excited for this, been waiting MONTHS ! no lie.

November 1, 2009

i love you...

new doodle book, 8]
i bought a new 'Black Book',
which is usually used for Graffiti/taggings.
but idk how to do all that,
Doodling is MY thing !
soo i got a new one,
cause i think my mom through my old one away,
one that i had since junior year in highschool, 8[
i was pretty sad about not being able to find it,
but i love my new one, its soo pretty && SOLID !
&& the paper is thick, likeee card stock ? yeaah, like that.
heres my first doodle, just getting back in the swing !
jake did a couple things in it.

Close Up ?
alright, fine, 8]

ill always be a kid,
i will never grow out of doodling !