November 1, 2009

i love you...

new doodle book, 8]
i bought a new 'Black Book',
which is usually used for Graffiti/taggings.
but idk how to do all that,
Doodling is MY thing !
soo i got a new one,
cause i think my mom through my old one away,
one that i had since junior year in highschool, 8[
i was pretty sad about not being able to find it,
but i love my new one, its soo pretty && SOLID !
&& the paper is thick, likeee card stock ? yeaah, like that.
heres my first doodle, just getting back in the swing !
jake did a couple things in it.

Close Up ?
alright, fine, 8]

ill always be a kid,
i will never grow out of doodling !

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