January 19, 2010

just because you asked...

soo someone asked me to update my blog,
&& i didnt have anything to say,
soo i just said 'soon',
but the idea was planted, && i realized i miss blogging,
then i was thinking about other things i miss,
so i decided to write an [i miss blog]

here goes:
1.] i miss LA, soo much.
i truly do.
everything about it...
the sunshine, the palm tree's, the polluted air, the metros, the music on the streets...
doesnt that sound amazing ? yeah ? it is.
i miss sunday's at Jet Rag with jess,
riding my bike down La Brea, && the creeps 'creeping' walking the bikes back up.
i miss LA, ill see you soon love, i promise.

2.] i miss the music. the REAL music,
im sure you you've all been hearing the same thing lately.
but i miss that music that you know is from the heart,
that music that you know is done for the LOVE of MUSIC.
not the music thats done for the LOVE of MONEY.
i know you know what i mean,
i miss that 90's music, i really do.
i play 90's jams all day every day.
i miss that music, i think its coming back though,
all those people who pray && stuff, just do that for me.
i really appreciate it.

hmm...what else do i miss ?

3.] i miss those days,
i wont be specific,
but i definitely miss them.
i think its the weather thats reminding me of 'em.
ahh those days,
those days when we'd meet up,
&& walk the streets of LA, talking about that REAL music,
yeah i miss those days, all of those days.

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