July 8, 2009

it KILLS me !

it kills me how immature people can be.
likee just in general.
i have been experiencing soo much immaturity.
i am newly 18 years old,
&& havent fully matured,
lately ive encountered several situations where people older than myself,
need to do some growing up.
they need self evaluations,
if you are over the age of 16 you should know how to have a friendly disagreement.
you should be able to talk out your simple differences.
maybe its just me, && my laidback personality,
that i dont get offensive when people tell me they dont agree with something that i have said or done.
i dont ALWAYS need to be right.
i always have room for mistakes,
but i wont be able to grow up, if i cant learn to fix them.
i will be stuck where i am,
with no room to change.
&& recently i have witnessed incidents where people,
older than myself,
have not given themselves the space to change.
they are stuck in their immature ways.
they have been in plenty of situations,
&& have had plenty of experience with difficulty,
where they have had room, time && initiative to grow,
but they have not taken the opportunity.
you will go no where in life if you cannot grow up.
if you cannot take constructive criticism at any age from 16 && up,
you have some learning to do,
its not healthy,
&& its time to change.
the worst part of it all,
most of these people think they are soo mature,
that they have already learned,
i am so sorry,
&& i hope the best for these people.



  1. You're right about immaturity. Maybe you should stop hanging out with those people then

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  3. i couldn't agree with this post more. i've been in a few of those situations lately as well. but i think it's something you gotta let slide off your back because at the end of the day, they're probably just continue behaving as they've for all these years.