July 21, 2009

Im Sooo Not a Poet.

laugh at me, im used to it.

criticize my ways, its nothing new.
but hesitating to bite my style ?
ha, few of you do.
because i was weak in 6th grade,
you think you can still call me names,
guess what ? things have changed,
&& stepped up is what i did with my game.
pass me in the streets && smile,
then turn around && slam me in those books,
you wish i would,
but i wont stoop down low enough,
to waste my time with dirty looks.
you constantly try to drag me down,
but you are the only one at the bottom,
all alone, with a frown.
while i continue on my way to the top,
even with a fake smile, i will not stop.
one day it shall be real,
no ones happiness will i have to steal,
it shall be mine, mine all mine.
&& yes we can make it a deal.


1 comment:

  1. keep working at it. the thoughts and words will come together the more and more you write