July 20, 2009

Poke It !

soo im not aHuge fan of KidCudi,
but i DO like this song,
&& i DO love Common <3
i also really like this video.
i think because its soo Basic,
but not TheBasic,
you know what i mean ?
probably not.
this is what i mean.
its a very simple video,
NO Flashy jewels or cars, && all that crap.,
no HalfNaked hoochies running around...
which is the Basic 'rap video.
but this one was simple.
i didnt really see a theme or anything,
which i oddly liked.
i think because it let you focus on the song, && not the videoo.
likeeee... the first time your watching it, your studying the video,
then everytime after that, your just enjoying the music.
at least thats what i did.
enjoy, 8D


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