August 7, 2009

Mirror Image.

the fire in those eyes,
is unmistakenly fierce.
stare straight on,
through your heart they will pierce.
behind the lid, pupil, && iris,
back into the depths of that mind,
is a fire you cannot miss.
the fire in those eyes,
it burns so strong,
i see a fight for life,
an eager pain to hold on.
to live, succeed && breathe hope
is what is staring me in the face,
i recognize it,
but its something i cannot give an exact place.
through the gaze,
i can feel the pain those eyes have endured,
my gaze will not give up or fade,
my mind was lured.
through those eyes i feel that heart beat,
but a beat does not mean life,
in this case,
i feel defeat.
but that was long ago,
i imagine things have changed,
for now as i stare,
these eyes have a shine,
i am in looking into a mirror,
&& those eyes are mine.
i still feel that heart beat,
but Now i know,
it IS life, && NOT defeat.


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