August 28, 2009

here it is d.

&& again,
i asked "what should i blog about?"
&& the answer i received was "what sex means to you"
here it is:
to me, sex is an experience shared between two people.
in my eyes, these two people should share a bond, a strong bond.
i dont agree in having frivolous sex.
its unsafe, && it ruins the experience altogether.
im not saying that you need to be married or in a monogamous relationship with your partner,
what i am saying is you need a connection that is on a deeper level than basic physical attraction.
its deeper than that, && that is why i feel comfortable speaking about it here on my blog site.
my experiences with sex are wonderful.
i have had one partner && the connection i have with that person is amazing.
physically, emotionally, && mentally.
i wont go into detail, because that aspect is personal,
but from what i hear the experience is much better when you have an emotional connection as well as physical.
when it comes down to it,
to answer the question asked to me,
sex is a reward shared between two people when they reach a certain level of connection and comfortability with one another.
sex is 10% physical attraction && 90% emotional/metal.


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