August 8, 2009


i spend a lot of time in my room.
its a safe place.
i like to be alone a lot of the time.
&& this is where i can do that.
my room now is a lot different from how it was 6 months ago.
my bed was Really high up,
that "desk" wasnt in there,
&& everything was ina different place.
i came home one day,
&& my mom had thrown away my other bed,
(which i loved)
&& rearanged everything.
ive gotten used to this,
i guess.
i must have, i spend a lot of time here.
&& notebooks.
im Content.
myBulletinBoard keeps me on track.
all those little PostIt notes,
are VERY serious.
the hard part is remembering to check my board.
but its been getting easier.
between this board && my schedule,
im goood, 8D

i <3 MyRoom.


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