October 1, 2009


i havent been blogging like i used to, i was really going to stop, but i need a diary, && this is it.
im just gonna update a bit, on whats been going on with me the past couple months.
the jist of my life has been school, finding a job, buying a car, && growing up.
i dont wanna be a woman, that term isnt for me.
but i would still like to grow up. just call me a BIG kid or something.

school has been interesting. im glad i chose mt.sac. yeah i know a lot of people there because of my bro && people who i knew from GHS freshman year, but its a lot less compared to who id see at PCC or Citrus.
im doing well in my classes, they are pretty simple. thanks to APH my music class is getting easier.
people think because i can sing a little bit, i can READ music, but i havent been able to read music since 4th grade. glad im learning again because the guitar is my next victim.
ive been having a BLAST with Andre. if you STILL dont know why thats his name.
we cant be friends, imSorry. its so obvious.
&& if its not obvious, once again, we cant be friends, 8D
but anywhom, like i said, we've been having a blast !
jess && i took our babies out, rode to pasadena.
took the GoldLine, to the RedLine, then rode down Hwood BLVD.
then rode down LaBrea, then down Melrose, then down Fairfax, then back to the RedLine, && to the LBC.
it was sooo much fun.
if you wanna ride, hit me up, im sooo down for a BikeCrew, 8D
i took this pic of jess && the sunset on the BoardWalk (or whatever you call it), in LBC.
we were riding && the sun started going down && knew id get a good shot.
i sooo fell in love with this picture.
i was at the beach a LOT the last 2 months.
i fell asleep twice. && got the Meanest tans.
i was'Sooo brown.
but its starting to peel now, which sucks, i la la love being'Tan.
ooh yeah, && i went ona road trip to Utah with my parents && my bro's GF.
we went to visit my bro at Utah State, && this fool doesnt know where he lives soo it was a mess.
because the streets have weird names like "1400 North"
&& not normal names like Elm st.
BLAH ! but we got there.
&& it was pretty fun.
&& 2 days after we left it started snowing REALLY hard.
i wanna go back when its snowing, thatd be soo fun.
well that was my little update.
be back wheneverrrrr.

-RihBread <3

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