October 23, 2009

good luck ?

or just in the right place at the right time ?
who knows, but whatever it was,
it was really nicee to have happen.
jess && i were on the train,
heading to longbeach.
ugh (dont ask)
on the way, jess asked
"omg, you did bring your camera right ?"
&& i was like
" (mouth open)"
&& then jess was like
"seriously miriha ? yeah right"
&& im like
"no seriously, i left it at home"
&& by that time it was too late,
&& we were too far to turn back.
&& then guess what happened ?!
the guy sitting a couple seats away was like,
"its your luck day..."
(pulls an old Canon Sure shot film camera out of his pocket)
"...some guy just sold this to me, here you go"
&& he freaking gave it to us !
isnt that crazy, its old but its such a nice camera.
Jess && i are gonna have soooo much fun with it.
we're gonna buy film in the next week or so,
when we have some time,
&& we're gonna go crazy.
&& since im in desperate need of a new camera,
i will be getting my new Nikon D60 or D3000 in the next 2 days, 8]
heres the camera that the guy gave us !

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