October 6, 2009

meet my baby bro's

soo when jess && i were mishing last weekend,
we were biking in MacArthur Park,
&& decided to stop by Lafayette Skate Park.
we met Zay'Quan && Junior.
thats them on the ends,
with the red shirts on.
they are 1o && 11
junior is 11 && hes already a sponsored skater,
they are both soooo good !
we were watching them && cheering them on this weekend,
&& we will be for the weekends that come, 8D
we buy them lunch, lol.
but we're gonna start making em lunch cause we're ina recession, haha.
&& all they sell over there are Bacon'Wrapped hot dogs, && mexican corn anyway.
thats Zay'Quan && i.
isnt he a cutie ?
yess i know, hes adorable.
see ya next weekend ZayZay.
im sure there will be more photoes of junior next week.
hes always busy skating.


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