June 18, 2009

LakerParade !

ookay soo yesterday,
Maryum, Jess, && I went to the LakerParade.
this is an odd group for this event because:
Maryum= Laker Hater
I= IDGAF about the NBA period
Jess= 100% Die Hard Laker fan !

it was sooo live !
we walked from the Staple Center to the Coliseum,
it was over 2 miles !

here are some pics:
i knew i'd be walking,
soo i wore tenni's,
something i hardly ever do.
myFave picture of the day,
straightCaliCats !
Fisher Love,
walking to the Coliseum.
this doode was filming us,
were gonna be all over youtube, lol.

the view from where we sat in the coliseum,
CRAZY right ?
Kobe Love,
in my opinion he gets too much,
i hate when people forget about the rest of the team.
its not called the Los Angeles Kobes
(&& im not saying hes not good)
only inLA,
homemade ring, 8D
not needed if you ask me,
it was a pretty peaceful parade.
but i liked it.
didnt notice this pic until i was uploading them.
Covered in Lakers ish,
straight PRIDE,
thats tight.
walking in the middle of the street,
on Hoover && MLK ?
some where around there, lol.
on our way back,
tight right ?


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