June 3, 2009

urgh, frustration.

[random photo]

ive been trying && trying to figure out a name for this 'project' jess && i have going.
there were three of us, but our other friend decided to go a different way and do her own thing.
which i totally respect,
but she was the one who came up with the great name ' 1oo % cotton '
&& we couldnt steal her idea,
soo now were racking our brains for a new name,
any ideas ? let me know !!
we want something that describes us && our style,
soo if you know anything about us,
help us out, were taking ideas forsure !
hmm, itll come to us, we dont wanna rush it,
but we want it to be Really'Good.
ill keep you updated,
also for more info on the project in the future,
you can check out jess's blog too:


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