June 3, 2009

changed && still changing.

me, who i am now,
is soo different from who i was.
which i think is a great thing in my eyes.
a lot of people dont take change well.
but me being the extremely open minded person i am,
take things in and just let them 'melt', i dont automatically freeze things out.
thats one thing ive learned about myself over time.
all through elementary && middle school,
i didnt know myself.
i always thought i had to fit in somewhere, && have a label.
i thought thats what was supposed happen,
i thought thats what everyone had to do.
get placed in a group && go from there.
as i got older though, i never really fit in the groups that my 'friends' were with.
i was always going to different groups and hanging with everyone.
i thought that would be okay too,
but people who were my 'friends' didnt like me to stray from the group.
when i was in middle school, i was a pushover && i did what everyone asked of me.
i was slowly growing a backbone,
people just werent expecting it, soo when it hit them it hit them !

now in the end of my senior year in highschool, i know myself.
i dont know what ill be doing for the rest of my life,
&& how things will work out,
but i know who i am,
&& i am very proud of knowing that soo early in life.
i could give one or two people a lot of credit to helping me achieve this,
but ill leave names out this time around.

if it werent for a few who pushed me to strive for making myself happy, && pursue what i wanted out of life,
then id probably be on my way to CSUN for the next 4 years being miserable.
im glad that these couple of people saw my talent && drive.
one person saw a lot in me that i never saw in myself,
&& helped bring out the best in me,
i let out all of my creativity thats just been bulding up,
holding back for otheres happiness.

i love that i know myself,
&& im learning to love that self i now know.
it takes time for everything.
&& im willing to take that time.

im on a great path,
&& an very excited for my life in the future.
i am pursuing what I want && have the support i need,
from people i never thought i would have it from,
who now see my talent && embrace the gifts i have,
&& arent forcing the gifts upon me that they want me to have.

i will do great things in my lifetime,
&& i fate will keep the people who matter in my life.
if im distant, dont stray,
ill be back if its meant to happen that way,
take things slow,
and let life happen.


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