June 7, 2009

Get it STRAIGHT playa;

soo i hear that Drake,
is suing the company:
" Canadian Money Entertainment "
(lol, thats just funny to me)
the name, not the suing.
i hear hes filing this lawsuit because of an unauthorized realease of an album called,
" Girls Love Drake "
which included songs from Drakes Mixtape,
" So Far Gone "&& other tracks.
this unauthorized album was released by the IODA
on itunes, Rhapsody, && Amazon.
i think Drake is more pissed at the fact he can turn around && be sued for this release,
than the release itself.
he can be sued because he has not gotten the samples used for that mixtape legally cleared.
all bad right ?
he shoulda most def. handled business,
hes smart enough to know,
'music leaks'
especially good music !
good luck with all that Drake, 8D


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