June 3, 2009

Senior Ditch Day 09'

did i ever post senior ditch day photos ?
hmm, idk man.
anywhoo, senior ditch day was fun.
we got lost because we listened to Josh instead of following our own instincts,
thanks a lot whitey ! lol.
&& we ended up getting to the beach a bit later than we expected,
but its the beach,
theres not set time right ?
soo we get there,
we eat, we do smores && what not,
then when the sun went down,
Charmaine, Anthong, Josan && i head to the water.
it was soo warm !
i thought i was gonna freaze my butt of,
but i felt like i was ina bathtub,
but again,
im rambling,
all in all,
it was fn,
we did the bonfire thing,
and enjoyed ourselves.
here are some pics:


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