June 28, 2009

im confused ?

see ive heard of Elektrik Red,
but never actually the music behind the name,
&& i came across this video,
which is actually pretty cool,
the color splash on the white,
ive always lovde that,
paint splatter ?
...is soo cool to me.
back to the point !
even after watching this video,
idk who Elektrik red consists of.
everyone in this video is a video vixen,
seriously !
even the main LightSkinned girl,
who looks like the Lead Singer,
Elektrik Red entirely ?
not sure.
she was in a BUNCH of vidsss tho.
these are like the TOP vixens here.
does anyone know ?
help me out here people !


1 comment:

  1. yea i like tht group too

    one of the girls was my former neighbor in the vlly :)