June 5, 2009

so ya'll like raw fish ?

today was pretty fun.
JakeDS, Tzee, && Me...

...went to Ichima Sushi, my fave !
we got the usual,
" Cali Deep on Soy'Paper "
&& miso soup.

as usual we took the bus,
our second home, 8D
&& we met an old doode,
his name is Terry !

terry told us we were a funny buncha girls,
&& he was laughing at us the entire time we were on the bus.
he also told us he was married 5 times,
&& he used to own a couple 7.11's
now hes retired,
&& he was headed to the $2 movies,
my kinda spot, 8D

then we headed home on the 187 !


  1. haha that guy looks so funny, but seems like yall had an interesting day... somebody need to get a CAR outta tha three lol.. that sushi looked bomb

  2. lols toGEE, "somebody need to get aCar outta; tha three"

    ps, you never invite me .);

    lols , itsCoolio though ,(: