June 20, 2009

where are my shoes ?!

soo tonight was fun,
hung out with all my MHS cats,
mostly class of 09,
plus some others,
lots of lovelyArmenians, 8D
we were hanging at Ari's,
plenty of Food && Music,
&& LOTS of...
couple tables of Beer'Pong set up,
which helped me realize,
that iSUCK at that game.
i had to take WAY to many shots,
but Afton helped me through,
Thats my BeerPongPartner,
&& when we left Ari's we were gonna head to another party,
in Arcadia,
but couldnt find the street,
but luckily though,
because on the way i realized that i left my shoes at Ari's house,
idk how, but i did,
&& itd be weird showing up at a party barefoot !

all in all,
it was a good night,
&& i loved the people that surrounded me !


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