June 4, 2009

its irritating !

i hate when people cry for pity.
for example:
" omg im such a loser, i have no friends, i have no life "
especially when its someone i consider a friend,
and they know they consider me a friend,
they just someone to give them a pity party.
for example:
" pshh, yes you do have friends, your great, your blah blah blah "
dont get me wrong,
i am a very caring person, && i am always there for my friends,
i cannot throw you a pity party,
its annoying.
mainly because you know you have friends !
you have a myspace convered with people YOU labeled as YOUR BestFriends !
im just venting,
but hey, thats what MY blog is for right ?
im just frustrated,
i cant be worried about other peoples problems right now,
when have my'Own stuff to worry about !
i cant be wasting all my advice on you, when i need to give myself some of that time && advice.
i dont mean to sound cruel or selfish, but its how i feel.
my brother is leaving && going all the way to Utah State.
of course im proud of him, i mean.. hes getting a FULL ride to a D1 school,
but hes gonna miss my graduation...
&& he was always someone i could run to for anything.
&& we go soo close over the last few years,
&& im crying like a baby, i just hate it.
im irritated && frustrated, Bye.


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