June 22, 2009

Fashabioo Jashabioo !

soo on Saturday,
June 20th, 2009
Dri, T.Zee, && myself,
met up in Hollywood && went on a mish.
we didnt make any exact plans for the day,
except to MISH,
exactly that,
&& we did.
we went to visit Jashabio,
aka: Fabio, Jason, && Bio.
he lives in La Dera, CA.
soo we mished there,
had a grand old time,
&& laughed tremedously,
here are some pics fo' ya:

we most def enjoyed ourselves,
&& ran into some weird people,
cause ya'll know,
we're normal, 8D
enjoy the pics,
cause enjoyed our MISH !


1 comment:

  1. nice tights !!!

    and ooooooh yeah your real normal mirihaaaaa :)