May 25, 2009

Back on MY'Bloggy;

Most Def. havent blogged in like a'Week, all bad,
sorry for those of you that faithfully hit my blog.
ive been busy ?
the talent show went GREAT !
lol, well not that great,
but we made OVER $600 and thats more than we expected honestly.
&& Senior Ditch Day was fun

spent the day at HuntingtonBeach,
with the class of '09
the water was warm,
BBQ was good,
&& we ate smores around the bonfire, 8D

&& while im updating you on My'Life,
ill tell you about my Quest of Vegetarianism,
its not working out too well,
im still eating meat,
NOT pork,
but...ive still been eating beef && chicken.
a lot less beef tho,
&& ive stopped drinking soda.
ive had 2 sodas in the past 3 weeks !

well i guess thats a good'Enuff update for now,
ill be back on my almost daily blogging soon,


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