May 15, 2009

My Day;

today was hectic for no reason.
i planned on sleeping in, going to my dress fitting, then coming home to relax...
but thats not how my dayy went, at all.

i was woken up by one of my bestfriends [GG] at about 7:15am
she knocked on my bedroom window,
which is usual, ( i dont answer my door, hit my window if ya need me, 8D )
i let her in and went back to sleep,
at around 7:45, she tells me to get up, get dressed && do my hair,
because she refuses to buy a senior Cap&Gown pic without her BFF in it,
soo i agree, get dressed, && we head out.

we spend 3 hours taking pics,
(which are pointless if you ask me)
i qo home, record a youtube or 2 with APH & Mar,
and head straight to my dress fitting.
GG and i spent HOURS there, getting fitted, ugh !

then headed straight to a champaigne party from there,
and stayed an hour+.

im glad to finally be home, 8D


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