May 13, 2009

Dirt Nasty;

soo basically,
i am posting this for the simple fact that Dirt Nasty DGAF !

he is an LA/Hollywood based rapper,
he spits about sex, drugs && partying.
typical right ? right !

but despite that,
&& the fact that he played a square butt character on the hit show " What I Like About You " starring Amanda bynes,
which makes it hard to take him serously as a rapper,
i still love his music.

his beats match my brainwaves,
they seem to have a pulsating rhythm about them,
like they are constantly in motion,
just like my brain, 8D

i chose to post this particular video because it features cameos of a few people i love,
such as:
Cisco Adler, Mickey Avalon, Shwayze, Dj AM, Andre Legacy, && Red Foo of LMFAO


[told you itd be random]

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