May 20, 2009

tomorrow night, 8D

Tomorrow Night...its'Finally HERE !
the Talent'Show that 3 friends && i have been working on for 2 months !
its been Very'Hectic,
4 teens organizing && running an entire show,
with help from no one,
but still having to accommodate the schedules of teachers who were 0% help to us,
but we got throught it && the show will go on, 8D

We had a 2'Hour rehearsal today,
&& it went smoothly,
[minus a few immature kiddos]
ahhh, im excited for tomorrow,
we have some Great && Unique acts.
i will let you know how it goes tomorrow,
most likely including pics, 8D

show starts at 6:30 pm
in MHS Auditorium
tickets: $5.00
see ya there !


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