May 29, 2009


i feel like i owe you all an apology,
im really sorry.
i never meant for it to be like this.
i never thought id be that friend.
at least its not because of a guy right ?

im sorry i havent been myself,
im sorry ive been soo busy.
i feel like ive been distant to some of my bestfriends.
i swear it wont be like this for much longer,
let me get my life together, please.
good friends dont deserve to be treated this way.

wouldnt it be crazy if things were the same as they were this time last year ?
man, we were all soo close.
you guys changed how i felt about trusting girls, no 'mo, 8D
Main's Meetings, && Mish's every Wednesday && Saturday ?
those were the days.

isnt it strange how at one point in time,
we each didnt like eachother ?
then became instant bestfriends.
things happen in mysterious ways.

im sorry,
i love my friends,
and i havent been the same.
i love you,
will you ever forgive me ?


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