May 14, 2009

QT with my'Bestfriend JessikaJerk;

so me and JessikaJay, my Best'Friend,
are here at our chill spot, Monrovia Coffee Co.
having some QT, 8D

we havent had some in awhile now,
soo this was most def. needed.
were just chilling, surfing the web on our'Lappys and chatting.
soo our type of thing.

soo anywhom,
this spot is very chill,
the atmosphere here is soo down to Earth
its feels like im chilling in my own room.
they have great food, free wifi, open mic, comfy furniture,
&& its in the heart of ' Old Town monrovia '
stuff like this seriously makes me love my city.
a small town girl whos in love with the big city, but cant stay too far from home too long, 8D

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