May 14, 2009

vegetarian ?

this is seriously something that im considering;
not because of the animal torturing and soo forth, which isnt a good look,
but because of my health.
for the past, hmm lets say, 8+ months ive been throwing up at least once a day,
and ive been experiencing random stomach aches.

since i was little,
i always had a huge appetite, like my dad.
i am a daddy's girl, soo naturally, i took after my dads eating habits.
eating ' Man Food ',
such as: tons of meat, spicy food, smoked oysters, pork rines, pickles, hot sauce on everything... and all in great amounts.
but lately, my appetite has become much smaller.
if i try to eat like i did a year ago, ill vomit.
but strangely, its mostly when i consume meat, mainly beef && pork.

soo i came to the conclusion that i would give up meat altogether...
but that is soemthing that i cant do...
in my house, meat is a must,
soo for now i am going to slowly give up beef and pork.
as of now i hardly even eat pork, soo that wont be hard,
but my dad is a beef'Lover, and that will be a more difficult task.
i think i will continue to eat chicken breast and seafood,
as those meats dont upset my stomach, yet.

ill keep you guys updated on how my 'journey' qoes, 8D


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