May 13, 2009

Help Out LA Youth Newspaper;

first let me start off by explaining a little bit about LA Youth.
we are an online and print newspaper,
written by, about, and for teens.
we are the largest teen newspaper in the country.
but due to the recession,
our usual printers [LA Times], can no longer print our paper for free.

we are taking donations to help out with printing costs etc.

here are ways you can help out:

Thank you for supporting L.A. Youth.

There are two ways to donate to L.A. Youth (Youth News Service Los Angeles Bureau), which is a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt, nonprofit organization:

you can go to for the paypal link...


Mail your tax-deductible donation to:
L.A. Youth
5967 W. Third St. Ste. 301
Los Angeles CA 90036

*make your check payable to L.A. Youth

Print this page to fill out the form below and mail it in with your donation.

Name _________________________
Organization _______________________
Address _________________________
City _________________ State _____ Zip code ________
Phone __________________
E-mail __________________

I have enclosed a tax-deductible donation. Count me in as a:
___ Champion, $3,000
___ Benefactor, $1,000
___ Patron, $500
___ Advocate, $250
___ Funder, $100
___ Friend, $50
___ Helper, $25
___ Other $_________

we would really appreciate your help, thanks, 8D


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