May 29, 2009

Get Up Locc.

soo Tone'loc had an outdoor show in'Florida,
&& he collapsed !
not only that, but he also had a seizure !
the known cause was to be the Heat,
of course, Florida weather ! 8/
he was reportedly making references to the heat during his set.
then passed out on stage.
he weather wasnt too'Extreme though.
high 70's && low 80's;

he was rushed to a nearby hospital where he is being treated,
but this isnt even the first time he's suffered from a'Seizure !
pshh, not even the first time its happened onStage !
but i guess that means they know how to handle it,
&& he'll be fine,
no mroe outdoor shows for this guy,
we dont need another sseizure,
thats scary !


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