May 25, 2009

Paint By Music !

this doode below is David Garibaldi;
he is Absolutely Amazing.
when i first saw him peform&&create,
i think it was the beginning of my junior year in highschool,
&& i really wasnt excited about it,
because i didnt know what to expect.
i was told it was just another assembly to amp us up about getting high test scores,
not everyone was allowed to go, soo i thought it was gonna be LAME !
then the music started && i was like ooookay thats my'Jam, lol.
then he started dancing && making random marks on a GIANT canvas.

i think the first painting he did was Alicia Keys,
then Justin Timberlake,
he might have even done tupac, lol.
i dont remember all of the ones he did that day.

but i was soo amazed how the painting started off as like random brush strokes && fingermarks,
&& turned into this Amazing painting !

enough of me Trying to do him justice by'Rambling,
here are some videos.

for more information and art check out:


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